"Episode" Is The Weirdest Mobile Game Of All Time

Kurtis Conner

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    FOLKS! This is one of my most requested videos for some reason, so I decided to finally sit down and play the mobile game "Episode". My expectations were very low...but holy smokes, this game is terrible. So I hope you guys enjoy my misery as I play the weirdest mobile game of all time!
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    1. Kurtis Conner

      damn it i guess i gotta do a part 2

      1. Caroline Page

        yes pls

      2. Ivy Moyer

        @simone dead serious, they’re actually like that.

      3. Rainbow CatTail


      4. Jeff 4 the Raid

        We ain't in kansas no more

      5. Krillotix

        Random person Complimenting people ....

    2. Jas Draws Sometimes

      Howie mandel

    3. Jelly Jelly

      Omg I thought the 2 week coma was just Gina pulling Kurtisssssss’ leg 😂

    4. Ishwarya Dhube

      We want another video like this yeah

    5. Sean Shimamoto

      Here ‘cause this guy called Danny Gonzalez said to check out your videos about Episode. 😜

    6. Nevaeh Sena

      Holy shit I read this already

    7. Nevaeh Sena

      Episode is q legend...

    8. Nabby Ash

      Thumbs up 4 the burp

    9. Riley Wilson

      I am not at all kidding when I had a guy, who I was not interested in at all and who messaged me 12 times a day, say that he was closing at the grimy cheap movie theater he worked at and he asked if I wanted to go and see the projection room. It literally sounded like an invitation to be in a horror movie.

    10. Biohazard Art

      this is just a riverdale rip off

    11. Grinchy Nibble

      I remember saving up gems for an outfit in a game and o was at like 40 gems. I misclicked and accidentally spent them I n a breakfast in bed. Bitch burnt everything and gave me a bagel

    12. Emerson St

      When he said please pick Kurtis I almost died

    13. Miroslav Vujnović

      Spencer respek woman.

    14. -selinčiks-

      the thing is, Episode originals are cringe, some of the community stories are about actual problems, toxic stuff n just dealing with that, as well as realistic love stories or best friends n stuff. I mostly just read mystery detective horror stories there. plus, in community stories there are never gems..

    15. Trash Bag

      Give me the happy feels magic man

    16. Miriam Malagon

      I actually thought he redecorated his room to look like a hotel room, i'm dumb.

    17. A Person

      Why is the dude Logan Paul

    18. Miss Kitty

      he should have said his name was Kurtianna.

    19. Kawaii Ex


    20. Bailey Renée

      Oh no! My first year of teaching I had my hair shaved on one side and wore it in a bun 😂

    21. StumStumStummy

      I love this

    22. emma

      bi kurtis confirmed

    23. Gonzalo Golfieri

      I'm studying to be a teacher while being a manbun guy. I feel attacked.

    24. Emery Dunbar

      the way he says "easy transaction, you give me diamonds you get bananas" made my whole 2020

    25. vizthex

      i watched Jarvis' video on these types of games, so now I need another creator to cover it so I can have a trlogy. also wtf is this extortion goddamn. Just throw in some ads like a normal greedy bastard of a company smh.

    26. ApolloIsAirborne [Old Channel]

      1:08 do duh dun dun dah **shits** XD I'm dead

    27. ʏᴜᴋɪɪ ʙᴜɢɢ

      I agree it’s weird af but am I the only one who still plays it because it’s literally hilarious? Lol

    28. Olivia Nuske

      suddenly it all makes sense as to why i always picked the wlw option because i like ruining shirts *duh*

    29. Olivia Nuske

      "go deeper than you've ever gone before" *that's what she said*

    30. Aila Williamson

      5:45 I can’t breathe

    31. moshgii leaf

      Your boyfriend is cheating on you with another girl! -Catch them in the act (1,0000,0000 diamonds) -Establish China (free)

    32. Crystal Khan

      Car isn't working: 1) Great right cross 2)DIVORCE

    33. Puffy Puppets

      episode: 'it's time for the prom, what do you wear?' -A prom dress you bought specifically bought for the prom (300 diamonds) -Literally show up in clothes you found on the street that are dirty and ripped (free)

    34. Puffy Puppets

      Hi! I'm trying to get to 100,000 subs on my channel so if you want you can sub to my channel. Have a great day

    35. Neale Christy

      Anybody else think his hotel room looks super green screen-ey?

    36. Caterpillar

      Am I the only one who thinks the guys on episode are like, really, really ugly? Maybe it’s just the gay in me...

    37. _strawberry_ milkshake_

      Does anyone get smiley and ready 4 our own extra greeting coming when he says hi? Or I'm just a wimp?

    38. Lucas Austin

      I think girls are the only people that like the extra greeting. Does anybody else skip the extra greeting?

      1. linc die

        Why would only girls like the greeting

    39. Jannat Sumaidaee

      oh my gosh the teacher-------- O-O

    40. Vindicity


    41. Will Hussung

      Lol I bet if you don’t pay any diamonds you end up going to prom with randy

    42. Sophia Hargan

      Really missed the chance to name yourself Kurtits

    43. Just another hooman UvU

      Chocolate sauce

    44. Lilliana Bieda

      The extra greeting is holding my life together rn ✨Poolow ✨

    45. Cryztal

      This is my first video watching from Kurtis and I already like him lmao

    46. Arianna Sardo

      why this teacher act just like mr schuester from glee?

    47. Rocking Girl

      When he said don't look at my eye bags, I looked at them more🤣🤣😂😂

    48. Wrinkled Soul

      ✨ *Kurtisode* ✨ *WELCOME! BECOME A RESIDENT OF KURTISTOWN! IT'S FREE!* ;) Get an extra greeting: 1234567890000000 diamonds! (sEe WHAt hAPPenS whEN YOu SEll yOUr chILDreN? yOU gEt AN exTRa GReEtINg!) Get a Niall paralysis demon in your ear: 666000 diamonds! Get the "most attractive" "pickup artist" to compare you to a horse: 20 diamonds! Get just one little "yee-yee" from Kurtis: 10 diamonds! Fuccboi Kurtis: 5 diamonds! Softboy Kurtis: 5 diamonds! E-boy Kurtis: 5 diamonds! Download Yummy on iTunes: $9.99! Live a lonely life as a sad poop pillow: Free! ;') Hey, watcha doin' down here? ;)

    49. Jackie Edgin

      One of my teachers literally has that same haircut and he looks like a serial killer/ druggie

    50. Isabella Wright


    51. Kylee Burnham

      I feel like episode is something that we all played but wouldn’t admit to it

    52. Isabelle Pohle

      I played that story on Episode xDDD

    53. Halle Frank

      more of these solely for the outtakes and no context compilations

    54. Emma Simpson

      wait if she had extra clothes why didnt she give leah a shirt? IM SO CONFUSED!!

    55. Lil Kooky

      i know the extra greeting thong is a joke but before i subbed to u, i nver saw the extra greeting ting, and then i subbed to u and i saw the extra greeting thing.... i guess its true so sub :)

    56. selena scott


    57. Nagito Komaeda

      the sad part is that ive legit went through this whole story.. i guess it was a little interesting so i would keep reading it- but overall its just ack

    58. chalee bangyang

      I wouldn't be surprised if Riverdale was inspired by this game.

    59. bb jeonghan

      Spencer has the same lips as Kurtis wtf

    60. That kid next door

      Leah: 13:41 Car: I'm in ✨PAAIIN✨

    61. vuyokazi sodinga

      I was one of those ppl who played episode when it first came out..

    62. AJ Hiaeshutter

      go deeper than youve ever gone before........

    63. Samantha a kid

      ok, let's not act like you can't hear just about everything else when you're using headphones

    64. Avalie

      This game is worse than a fanfiction written by a 12 year old. Can confirm as someone who did exactly that as a 12 year old 🤣

    65. Miranda N

      As an aromantic, I felt personally attacked this whole video.

    66. Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi

      the new kid is a karen why

    67. SecondBestOlive

      i feel unholy lmao ive seen a man's bare shoulders

    68. Fly O' War

      When a weirdly funny guy plays a weirdly funny game.

    69. Cecilia Gallup


    70. Mansi Tandel

      Episode: You’re on ventilator and someone is trying to kill you. 1. Suddenly wake up and go all karate style on him after kicking him where the sun doesn’t shine- A hospital certificate saying your mentally unstable 2. Die - free

    71. Allura Jane

      I hate that when you don't pay for the option with diamonds the characters in the story shame you for it. LIke damn sorry I'm broke

    72. Swiftie Chan

      this app used to be so good now its just animated wattpad

    73. cali tarango

      15:10 dude me too dragonvale bitch i wanted to get all the good stuff but i had to buy gems in order to do buy the shit

    74. Lily Litwinko

      Bro i need to see him live, I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard

    75. Strawberry Mochii


    76. Poorva Bakshi

      I mean give money, get bananas is how life works XD Atleast that's how it is for me. The real question is why are people giving you free bananas?

    77. Rainbow CatTail

      I love that extra greeting, it always makes me smile 😁

    78. • oliveoil •

      sup 😻 citizens 👄 of 👆🏻 the 🍓 internet ✨ i’m 👁 a 💛 bælddr 🧽 and 🖼 today 💿 i’m 😃 gonna 🧩 trade 😊 this 💀 pinæppl ❤️ for 🚽 this ⚠️ 500 🧸 thousand 🍭 million 🤨 dollar 😫 house 🤬

    79. CakeSFD

      *She picked the white guy with dreads dude?!?!* why did i laugh at this so much.

    80. Giovana Porto

      ive never laughed so hard at a video

    81. So You Don't Want Sand?

      The funny thing is that the user made stories are actually fun to read

    82. Spencer Ludman

      My name is Spencer. My dog was just whining every time you said it Kurtis.

    83. NipperFlipper

      Nice profile picture

    84. Duncann Villalobos


    85. K S


    86. prayaag dinsmore-tuli

      3:33 guess I can't be a teacher :(

    87. hannah

      the only person allowed to wear the teacher haircut is sokka from avatar the last airbender

    88. Tessa Clanton

      The shitiest college professor I've had has same haircut as the teacher in this game

    89. MФФИLIGHT Idk

      Me 2am Trying not to laugh Failing outta the bed

    90. Abby G

      Y’all Kurtisssssss’s mom looks like Linda from Lucifer

    91. Melissa atlas


    92. VISLO

      3:40 "its a warrior's wolf tail" - Sokka

    93. Dan

      14:33 lmao

    94. *_* Bookworm

      That extra greeting feels so good🥰

    95. rose

      just Leah punching her car 😂

    96. rose

      OH DOOF !

    97. Lucy Ludlow

      when youre gluten free and you cant touch flour... MAKES SENSE

    98. Emmett Graves

      The expression change you made at 5:44 made me spit out my drink oh my god the shock

    99. Dea's Corner

      I played a story on episode once and I had to kiss every hot person in the school. So I agreed to go do some graffiti with one of the hot dudes so he'd kiss me and he SENT ME an outfit to wear and I HAD TO PAY to choose the outfit THAT HE SENT ME! I haven't played since.